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Bwuahahah! YES!


Android 18 - Lazuli by THE-SONIC-COOKIE

I had fun drawing her. :D


One of today’s sketches.


Just trying to figure stuff out for now. Not sure what I want to design  for. I’d like to do some fandom stuff of course! But some original designs would be awesome too….lol ah it’s all just very in my head for now….someone wanna shoot me some ideas??? I’d appeciate it, if I were to do some tees, though i think I’d rather start small and do stickers and small stuff first, what would YOU like to see/buy? Should I even TRY to design stuff? There is so much great stuff outta there…T_T I might just be very insignificant next to all those fantastic people already on there….help me out?

Hey lovelies! i need ya help! Normally i wouldn’t reblog non fandom things on here but I would love your input! Would you guys be interested in some K18 merch for example? Or some other DB stuff or something else entirely?? T


"Mom~ Me and Uncle 17 can have matching bows now!"

How adorable!



Not sure what is going on but to me it seems like Eighteen is shocked at Marron’s drawing ability’s. The handwriting makes it a bit hard to read/translate correctly T_T.

18 complimented her daughter’s drawing and she said Marron would make a great artist in the future!

Hey cool! Thanks for clarifying! I wasn’t too sure about it so yay!


Favorite twins <3

I caved! Cleaning my room and dbz shelf, I added these cuties! They’re fun to toy around with ;p!

"Eating Pocky with Uncle Seventeen.."

Asker Anonymous Asks:
outside of fuckyeahh, do you two ship any yuri/hetero pairings at all? If so, which are your favorites? I know this is a blog for yaoi, so if you don't answer it I wont feel offended.
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:


Suuuuuure we can answer this! :D

While we aren’t necessarily into yuri or any of the canon pairings of the show, we do love and support KrillinxC18 (which the best blog out there for the couple is chestnutisland♡). But if we had our choice of hetero couples that weren’t canon, it would definitely be VegetaxC18 and a little bit of GokuxBulma. As you can see, our love definitely lies in the yaoi side!

AWWWW!!!!! Thanks for that shout out you gals!!


Never crochet on a ferry or you will be surrounded by children staring at you while you work.

Sometimes I envy peoples awesome craft skills and you are no exception!!! This is tooo cute omg!!!!

Sonny Strait and Sean Schemmel. Goku and Krillin!!! ♥ xDD. This is cute and funny!

Have a quick smooch sketch before work! Later lovelies!♥