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Tried to free hand 18 without any guidlines, pen only. Please excuse weird pose. #sketch #drawing #android18 #dbz #dragonball

crocheticon !! Congrats!

I have notified them. If I don’t get a response within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen at random ^_^

This is a queued post! Winner will be drawn when I get home from the fair! Thanks for participating!

And the people who sent stuff in, you’re awesome! Sadly the day is over now T___________T.

Keep in mind that you have until tomorrow, 9/19, 5 pm central USA time to get your like in for chance to win the K18  couple’s keyring!

For those who might have missed the post. Click here!

I do apologize for maybe spamming your dashboards today!

Goodnight lovelies!

"26; Heroes."

"25; Shirt Swap!"

And what’s a celebration without cupcake! ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ

(Sorry if this submitted twice.)

[OMG, toooo CUTE!! I don’t think I could bring myself to eat these, even if I had them near me, they’re too precious! Thanks for the submission! Submitted via Anon.]

Hi! I love this blog and wanted to submit something for the K18 celebration day. I wrote the poem myself.

Happy 9/18!


[Hi! Thank you for the submission! The poem is so cute, very nice and fitting!! Submitted by MDG via Anon.]

Happy K18 Day! (:

[♥_♥!! How cute! Thanks so much for this wonderful submission, bornonadifferentcloud18 ! *squeals*]

Hi, Jen!

I am not good with drawing or writing but I wanted to do something! So I made a graphic! It’s not super good but I hope you like it!

Happy K18 day!!

[AW that is super cute! It’s AWESOME! Thank you very much for sending it in! Happy K18 day to you too! Submitted by superdupergrouper]

The Chestnut Island 24 HR Mini giveaway!

Hi dear followers!! See those cuties up there? *points*. That is the K18 couple’s keyring! It’s super cute as you can see and I am sorry to say this, but that one is MINE!

BUT guess what?! I managed to get my grubby hands on another set of these specially for today! Which is a feat because this one is quite rare!


I have one keyring set to give away to a random lucky winner, and all YOU have to do is LIKE this post! That’s right folks, we’re switching it up today. REBLOGS DO NOT COUNT!

A few general rules.

  • This one is for my followers only! I will not count the likes from people who follow after I publish this post. I’m sorry, but that makes it fair to my dear followers, some of whom have been with this blog from the beginning!
  • You have until 5:00 PM Central American Time tomorrow, Friday September 19, to like the post  for a chance to win!
  • You must be willing to give me your address! I will ship internationally.
  • You must also be willing to have a little patience for the merchandise to be shipped out since I need to get it to my house first before I can send it.
  • Winner will be notified via ask so make sure you have your ask box enabled.
  • Previous winners will not be eligible to participate in this giveaway.

So, what are ya waiting for? Click that little heart, color it red, and GOOD LUCK to all of you!

Hi Jen! How are you?

I wish for you a happy K18 day ^_^  I wish for you to have fun in this holiday LOL :D

You can post the FanFictions of K18 like “A Fading Ki” and other story of the author  Swiss masterpieces.

I mean her stories isn’t in FanFiction - which people can’t read it - So for making things better for K18 day. I think it’s could be nice to post  Swiss masterpieces stories (I sent you a link to her stories a few weeks ago).

So it’ll be only fair for the others K18 fans to read and enjoy it too, that could be nice thing to do, also for the FanFiction K18 fans too.

So what do you say?

[I’d say that is a mighty fine idea!! Swiss’ stories are among the K18 CLASSICS! Newer fans might not know them.

So by all means, CLICK ME to go read some good K18 fanfiction. Mind you though, some of these are incomplete and no longer worked on but there are also a few cute one shots.

Thanks for the idea submission, gesto10!]

Happy KuriPachi day!

Here’s my view on this K18 day, folks.
Quite particular Crossover, if you ask me. 
However, shaddap! It makes sense, and I love it XP

[Yay!!! Thank you sweetumz! This is so cool! Love the crossover, it fits! Thanks for the submission!

Submitted by gts-lab]


Figured we could start this day of with some smooches! This is a queued post. Keep an eye out for more goodies specially for today!

Also, fill that submit box if you want/can! I would love to get some K18 stuff from you lovely followers to celebrate this day in STYLE! It can be anything! Drawings, fiction, graphics and whatever else as long as it is for K18 day ^_^. Anonymous submissions are allowed!


3 more days till 9/18!!
Please, by all means feel free to submit some k18 stuff for the day! My artist followers and writer followers, might be an inspiration for ya? In short I just want the day to be celebrated just like the other db special days are!

So with that said, keep an eye out because I am planning to do something for it too!