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"16; Love."

That’s a big bag of ice for that fever! Cuties!!!♥

(via kakashits)

Goodnight, dears! More requests Sketches tomorrow! in the meantime, here is a warm up I did not too long ago!

"15; Sexy to jordynblue1d

"14; Genderbent."

"13; Quarrel."

This is a picture from “Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2”.

If she make an appearance in the games, seems that people like her character and she has fans even if she was barely in the Manga/Anime, too bad though, people would had like her character even more (we just don’t see her much), Also to see her participate in battles and getting stronger could have been amazing, After all she start with incredible power that makes SSJ nothing by Vegeta powerful attack did nothing to her - Not even a scratch! - So if the Z fighter start with less than 50 Powerlevel and double it at least 10M times, so just imagine her power if she would have training - She definitely would become one-of-the/the strongest fighter!

Akira Toriyama mentioned himself that Eighteen cam become stronger!

[Submitted by gesto10, thank you! Also, Eighteen is a formidable fighter so naturally she should be included in the games!♥]

"12; Beauty."


Krillin Plays Five Nights at Freddy’s, aka Chuck ‘E Cheese from Hell.
I called. I friggin’ called, since the time the Beta was available: Team Four Star will make a Krillin Plays.
I was planning to make this fanart before, but today I saw the new video, and 3 hours of work later…there ya go!

Nice Game, very creative and…well, shit your pants scary.
I had tons of fun with the Animatronics!


"11; Smile."

"10; Nightmares to erasa-with-an-e

"09; Sleepover."

"08; Sleeping."