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((I had been wanting to do a lyric edit with one of your pics so it was only fitting to submit it to you. I hope you like it <3 ))

Thank you! That is cute! I like the lyrics, they are fitting! Thank you for the submission!

"Definitely not my brother"

I made this a while ago when I thought of a Slayers x Dbz crossover story. The scene is basically 18 in a distraught moment confusing Xellos for 17 when she saw him for the first time in a crowded area.Taking advantage, Xellos uses his smarmy character to try to win her over -and kisses her hand (“I am honored to be mistaken for a lovely lady such as yourself’s brother”). Much to Krillin’s annoyance, obviously. (” Back off pal, she’s a happily married woman!”)

I drew this on sketchbook paper and traced it in Photoshop since the pencil was worn out. If you want, I can color it as well.

Yeah I do take crossover as LONG as they Do not break up the pairing of K18 ^_^

*squeals uncontrollably!*

*squeals uncontrollably!*


….is something i should be doing since I have to get up in a few for work…instead I was watching DB and drawing these cuties! @_@.

"Chestnut Ladies."

If looks could kill…..

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So. This finally got updated. Finally.

Even features some HS AU in there.

Also,I’ve now written over 300,000 words about K/18. Just counting this story.They really are the best, aren’t they?

YES, yes they are!!! EXCITED!!!!! Gunna read this as SOON as i finish my update! ♥

I drew Juuhachi and had to share with my fellow C18 lover!♡

YAY!!!! Thank you for the submission! She looks good(and angry xDDDD)


Moar dbz

having that nostalgia feel right now…


Meet Android 18, another original Dragonball character by the genius Toriyama sensei, in my own rendition.

Created this illustration to experiment with Corel Painter. Did everything using one of the stock brushes. Was quite impressed with this software, it’s just a lot smoother and really geared towards digital painting compared to Photoshop.  I think I will use it more often from now on.

This is so wonderful and dynamic! ♥

Perfect ♥

Perfect ♥

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Livestream test result. Sketch of Android 18 from Dragon Ball. So apparently there’s going to be a S.H. Figuarts.of Android 18, so I figured I’d draw something just cause. This was also just a test run for streaming. I didn’t have anything else I could think of drawing either so I cut it short. I’ll try to stream some more another time cause it was pretty fun..

Hot damn….♥____♥


In my headcanon, Eighteen does have scars. More about this will be explained in an upcoming answer to an Anon question I got about this.