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"Source: kamocchi" tag, thank you❤︎



went through my wip folder and decided to finish a sketch i drew in 2013 ;;;;

Cool ^_^


Tried to free hand 18 without any guidlines, pen only. Please excuse weird pose. #sketch #drawing #android18 #dbz #dragonball

Happy K18 Day! (:

[♥_♥!! How cute! Thanks so much for this wonderful submission, bornonadifferentcloud18 ! *squeals*]

Happy KuriPachi day!

Here’s my view on this K18 day, folks.
Quite particular Crossover, if you ask me. 
However, shaddap! It makes sense, and I love it XP

[Yay!!! Thank you sweetumz! This is so cool! Love the crossover, it fits! Thanks for the submission!

Submitted by gts-lab]


pre-op babies~!

they’re meant to be 14, but they’re so gangly and short, they probably look much younger TT 7 TT art for a fic i have written and rewritten twice so far now, hoping with a lot more ironing and tears, third go round will be something i’m satisfied with (remember ‘9 Miles’? that’s ok, neither does anyone else OTLLL).

Too cute!

"23; Sexy to destinydueler


DB log

Love love LOOOVE!!!!!!


hownottotoddler.png (read right to left)

well here it is, nearly a week after starting it, the story behind beta!sev’s haircut. sorry the layout is so boring but i was more concerned with getting the idea across than making it pretty, so lots of copy-pasta and inconsistencies yayyy~

for those of you wondering, this is maybe a few months after 17 even found his sister, let alone discovered he had a new brother-in-law and a niece. obviously, babysitting privileges were revoked for a bit….

Too funny and too cute omg!!!


binge-watching DBZ Abridged reminded me of my boundless love for Android 18. What a babe.

In other news, my main reason for being excited to get back to uni is that I’ll once again have access to a scanner.




android 18

by GoddessMechanic2

That’s a big bag of ice for that fever! Cuties!!!♥


Krillin Plays Five Nights at Freddy’s, aka Chuck ‘E Cheese from Hell.
I called. I friggin’ called, since the time the Beta was available: Team Four Star will make a Krillin Plays.
I was planning to make this fanart before, but today I saw the new video, and 3 hours of work later…there ya go!

Nice Game, very creative and…well, shit your pants scary.
I had tons of fun with the Animatronics!



“ANGRY BALDY” - by Adlai Moss

Honestly I feel as though Krillin never got enough respect during the Dragon Ball Z series. He wasn’t the strongest out of the group but he gave it his all every friggin time! and lets face it, if you take away all the super strong aliens running around… Krillin was arguably the strongest human on planet earth! all 5ft of him. Now doesn’t that blow your mind? So here’s to the little bald guy.