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We need more art of the Twins just bein’ Twins. Plus this is just incredible.


Submitted by; theultradork, Thank you! I agree, it’s wonderful ^_^

So. This finally got updated. Finally.

Even features some HS AU in there.

Also,I’ve now written over 300,000 words about K/18. Just counting this story.They really are the best, aren’t they?

YES, yes they are!!! EXCITED!!!!! Gunna read this as SOON as i finish my update! ♥


Moar dbz

having that nostalgia feel right now…

"Taking selfies with Uncle Seventeen!"

"Taking selfies with Uncle Seventeen!"

Santa Seventeen, cute!

Santa Seventeen, cute!

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Perfect twinsies!


Just felt the urge to draw this sey android up. :P

Nice! ♥

Lover’s Selection by Wataru Yasunaga. Circle KameHouse.

This lovely book is 153! pages long and features all main couples including YamchaxBulma and TenshinhanxLunch.

This book is more-so a collection of Yasunaga’s work and it is GREAT because it has K18 material from the doujinshi Mini2 which is very rare and not available to get anywhere atm! So I am very happy to have gotten my hands on this book ♥


Merry Christmas! ;D


Sleek & Slender~


Sleek & Slender~

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Aw cute!!!

'Chestnut Family Doodles.'

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I got a question for 18 and Krillin, did 17 ever get sick? if so, what were his symptoms?
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said: