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Posts tagged "dA"


Android18 from DBZ series.


Android 18 by ~jisook86 

WOW! LOVE it! ♥

Androide 18 by ~tekino 

GORGEOUS! I like this a lot!

DBZ - Strolling with family by ~ChristianStrange3 

I like  this, the whole Chestnut gang!

A-android18 by *chibiDdragon 

This is awesome!!!

Marron by ~JazMinM 

Aw this is nice! ^_^

Commission for DYEDEKYU, Android 18 + Krillin by *ToniBabelony

From the artist comments; "Hey little bald guy, let’s make some babies!" 

WONDERFUL!!! *grins*

Z-Couple _14_ by ~gerasPadaras 

New Z Couple! ♥


Android 18 by *Kanamm

Human Eighteeeen

That’s….pretty cool! :)

Finishing Touch. by ~BraVegetaBriefs

Bura and Marron ^_^