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Lover’s Selection by Wataru Yasunaga. Circle KameHouse.

This lovely book is 153! pages long and features all main couples including YamchaxBulma and TenshinhanxLunch.

This book is more-so a collection of Yasunaga’s work and it is GREAT because it has K18 material from the doujinshi Mini2 which is very rare and not available to get anywhere atm! So I am very happy to have gotten my hands on this book ♥

First scans! This book isn’t very large but it is cute no less. It has this cute K18 story among others such as TenshinhanXLunch.

Circle—-> KameHouse.

Soooo, a pretty while back i mentioned something about having a chance to get my hands on two new K18 doujinshi’s by the author of Sweet, W. Yasanuga. (Circle: カメハウス)

Guess what? It’s confirmed!!! But I’m not getting two but THREE doujinshi’s since they recently made a new book which is all about Krillin and his family yay!!! My dear friend Meshi just send me an email to say that she will send them to me!

THIS IS SOOOO EXCITING!!!!! I simply just can’t wait to get them in my mailbox even if it may take a little while for them to get here! My day is made. (for those who don’t know, K18 doujinshi is actually quite rare and hard to get, and new stuff is hardly been made so this is very exciting!)

Eighteen’s face —-> >D. I wonder what she is thinking. I actually own this one in digital, the only H doujinshi I own xDD.

(via shin-kvmi)


I thought this was too lovely not to translate. Makes my heart hurt a little…

記憶 - Memory by エス

Thank you, deary for showing me! This is a bit sad yet sweet, n’aaaw!! ♥

You guys! I WANT this one sooo badly! So I’m putting this out there, anyone know where I might get this one? I already have the first book. *the red one* Anyone?

You guys! I WANT this one sooo badly! So I’m putting this out there, anyone know where I might get this one? I already have the first book. *the red one* Anyone?

Thankyou for translating the whole segment, Itoshii-Sanagi! It’s just precious! ♥

From the doujinshi; East, South, West and North.

Thank you for translating! It’s so cute! ♥

Dragonfall-Kiss scene on the highway.

(For those who don’t know, Dragonfall is a Spanish published parody of Dragonball. It has been translated in English. I sure would love to find the books for sale somewhere!)

Thank you for this awesome submission, badmonster-fr!

The K18 segment from the Doujinshi East,West,South and North.

I figured it was time to scan some doujinshi again. This particular one is called Orgel (funfact; Orgel is the Dutch word for Organ, the piano like instrument that gets played a lot in churches ^_^), it features K18/17/16 and then some other DB characters, mostly Saiyans.

Anyway these few scans are from the first story, in it Eighteen has a nightmare in which she comes face to face with her ‘other’ self. It’s a pretty sweet story plus can we all please say aaaaw at matching pj’s??!!


This is the cutest K18 doujinshi book and I am very happy I finally got my hands on it. The art is just amazingly cute and the stories are funny. And it is a AU and slightly ooc in some parts.

In this little tale, from what I remember someone telling me a long time back, Krillin is trying to teach Eighteen how to fly using KI instead of her Energy source but I can’t be a hundred percent sure…

Don’t they looks so stylish here? It’s from a doujinshi called SWEET, and I am getting it. I’ll share more images from that when I get it in the mailbox!

To CrazyJen by *LolliDrella 

A doujinshi I might purchase soon.