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GT outfits/designs because I felt like it.

Oh and uh…..I’ll let you guys decide what she is saying……xD

 I LOVE that hairdo on Eighteen, it’s classy and sexy :P. ♥___♥

Krillin and Eighteen have a son we don’t know about!

J/K but seriously, this little side character from GT could have very well been, I mean look at him! Don’t tell me i am the only one seeing this!

Quick GT Eighteen before work! See you later, Lovelies!♥


Android 18 (GT)

Different but CUTE!♥


RIGHT in the FEELS….T______________________________T.


Submitted by indecisivefaults.

Pssst thankfully GT ain’t ‘Canon’! ;P


Krillin always looks so HAPPY to see his family, it’s so endearing! ♥


Android 18 is one of the most dynamic characters in Dragon Ball Z-GT. She went from being a malicious killing machine to being a wife and mother. Though she might be a little harsh on Krillin, she is not the deadly cyborg she used to be.



Damn right.


Damn right.

♥____♥ GT Eighteen…..