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……………I am so sorry, I did decide to split it up so…anyway yay UPDATE!!!.


Summary: A niece and her uncle enjoy one of their favorite holidays together.

Pairing: N/A

Rating: G

Disclaimer:  I own nothing and gain no profit.

The microwave popped open with a sound that always made the blond little girl jump.
But since it was her popcorn, she was in no place to complain.
She pulled the bag out and popped it open, she only wished she could smell it.
Her uncle whistled and gestured to the chair he was sitting in, she held the bag closed and sprinted to him, then leapt into his lap and faced the television.
“You’re a sneaky little girl Marron…You make your Uncle 17 very proud.”
She hugged him, then turned back to the tv, with a devious smile.
And her uncle put a sharper rendition on his own face.
He clicked the remote and a view of the inside of Kame House came up.
18 was walking around in her nightie and Krillin in his boxer shorts.
And both were utterly clueless as to what was about to happen.
18 opened the refrigerator to get something, 17 guessed milk or eggs, but she suddenly jumped away with a scream.
Krillin rushed to her and asked what’d happened.
18 pointed to the fridge, face in her palm, and Krillin opened it; then he turned blue and jumped away with a louder scream.
18 stood up and opened the fridge again, and pulled out the fake severed head and then kicked it out a window.
17 and Marron could barely contain their laughter.
“You are an evil genius just like me sweetie! I hope you continue to use it well, just like me.”
Marron smiled at her uncle through her laughs and they shushed eachother as they watched 18 open the cabinet where the bowls and plates were, only to have confetti and silly string shoot out at her, making her colorful and red in the face.
Krillin rushed to her and opened the cabinet below the sink where the paper towels were, only to be assaulted by streams of, what he hoped was, water and fell backwards.
His head making a loud thump on the kitchen floor.
18, concerned for her husband’s head and completely forgetting that everything might be booby-trapped, jumped up to open the freezer for an ice pack; just to have golf balls fall out and bury her.
The two of them backed up into eachother, scanning the area, wondering what was safe and what was not.
They gave eachother a look and both bolted for the door.
But a tripwire tripped Krillin, and then 18.
Marron almost choked on her popcorn, and 17 was laughing so hard he didn’t notice his chair was creaking until it collapsed out from under him.
And even then, he didn’t care.
But he sat up quickly and hugged his niece, in anticipation for one of the best parts.
18 and Krillin latched onto each other and darted for the door, levitating. And the second they got there, they were sprayed by hoses that shot out melted marshmallow and maple syrup.
Krillin simply collapsed and 18 pulled off her nightie and wiped her face with it.
17 covered Marron’s eyes and looked away himself, but they both still laughed.
Then they heard stomping, they turned back to the tv, trying not to look at 18’s nakedness.
Roshi had run down the stairs and then his nose exploded with blood at the sight of 18.
17 and Marron were rolling on the floor, not even paying attention anymore…at least until 18 started yelling.
They turned back to the tv, and it was a close up of 18’s eye.
“17, I found the camera; I’m going to kill you!”
Then they got a view of 18’s feet stomping away and picking up Krillin. Then showing him the camera.
17 pressed a button on his remote and spoke into it,
“April fools!”
Then the camera shot out ketchup at them.
And the uncle and his niece prepared for a firm talking to later that day.
That is, if they didn’t hide first.

XDD! Cute!

So. This finally got updated. Finally.

Even features some HS AU in there.

Also,I’ve now written over 300,000 words about K/18. Just counting this story.They really are the best, aren’t they?

YES, yes they are!!! EXCITED!!!!! Gunna read this as SOON as i finish my update! ♥


Android 18 stood on the beach in front of Kame House in little more than an oversized jersey and black shorts, watching the sun rise in front of her. Her arms were wrapped tightly around her shoulders, guarded. Her blank expression was betrayed by the uncharacteristic softness in her eyes.


Cool a Q&A. Okay I adore your AU fanarts, can you maybe share some of your AU school headcanons for Krillin and number 18?
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:



Yes, I can, I love me some K18 HS AU! also this will have some general headcanons as well.

Here we go!

  1. Kuririn, and Goku for that matter, live with Master Roshi who owns a Martial Arts dojo. They both have been adopted by him, Goku because Son Gohan died and Krillin from an orphanage.
  2. Juuhachigou, Juunanagou and Juurokugou all are siblings, Juurokugou being a year older than the twins. They live with their uncle Gero, who really doesn’t care too much about them, he is more absorbed in his company and the rivalry between him and Capsule Corporation
  3. Both Kuririn and Juuhachigou have no memory of their parents.
  4. They all live in a moderate sized city on the coast. Roshi’s dojo is located on the beach.
  5. Their school has two national teams, one is a wrestling team called The Wrestling Dragons, Goku, Vegeta and Juurokugou are the top three wrestlers, the other is a basketball team simply called The Dragons, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Juunanagou and Kuririn are all on the team. Kuririn got on the team despite his short height because he is agile and very fast which impressed the coach in to admitting him.
  6. Kuririn and Juuhachigou have been best friends since elementary school.
  7. Juurokugou and Juunanagou get in an accident which results in Juurokugou dying. (There is actually a small comic I am working on currently surroundings these events which will be uploaded later today probably.)…T_T.
  8. Kuririn is head over heels for Juuhachigou which sometimes leads to awkward situations on his behalf and which annoys her sometimes though she is not aware of Kuririn’s feelings at first because he hides them as good as he can.
  9. Juuhachigou and Bulma sometimes can’t get along very well, their personalities clash more often than not, yet they are friends. I like to think of Juuhachigou and Chichi being closer friends.
  10. Vegeta has a grudge against Juuhachigou because she beat him ONE time in arm wrestling and she makes sure he’ll ever forget it even if he is one of the school’s wresting champions.
  11. Even though she is very close to her siblings, Juuhachigou more often than not consults Kuririn when she needs advice or when she needs to vent about her uncle. Kuririn is more than happy to listen to her and to be there for her.
  12. The gang spends most of their time on the beach or a small cafeteria near the school when they get together. The cafeteria is owned by Chichi’s dad, explaining Chichi’s passion for cooking and coming up with new recipes for which she uses her friends as guinea pigs to try them.
  13. Kuririn has an interest in photography and made it his life goal to capture his life and his friends in photographs….though usually he ends up taking most pictures of Juuhachigou which does not go unnoticed by Goku who teases him about it all the time.
  14. The first time Juuhachigou realizes she has feelings for Kuririn is when they spend the night at the beach with friends, watching fireworks and playing games. It scares her and she distances herself from him which confuses Kuririn who promptly thinks he did something to anger her.
  15. Kuririn ends up being late for school more often than not, because he is notorious about staying up too late and sleeping through his alarm.

Hn, let’s keep it at that or I’ll end up writing a frikking fic about all of this LMAO. Thanks for the question!

I feel compelled to make fanfiction from these.

And I feel VERY compelled to read them if you do so! I would love to read your take on some of these, just give me credit for the Hc’s if you will ^_^ oh and let me know of course So i can read!

Chapter Nineteen, in which there is some mention of BoG, the Garlic Junior Saga, and the tenth Dragonball Z movie.

Also, featuring the AU story inspired from this blog.

*SCREAMS!* YAY!!!! *off to read!*

So, guess what finally got updated after, I think, three years?

Also, it’s over ninety pages.

Holy Chestnuts!!! OVER 90 pages??? And here I worry about my chapters being too long….xD. Awesome! Gunna tackle this when I get back from work, that’s for sure! Thanks for the submission!

I’m going to post this on Grape Soda and Magnets eventually, so the rating isn’t anywhere near as high as it clearly should be isn’t too high

After working on some depressed K/18 (For that Days collection), this was a pleasant change.

I.LOVE.YOU.FOR.DOING.THIS!!!! IT’S PERFECT OMG!! *grins widely* Thank you for this, it’s so awesome! *can’t stop grinning*

Oh and Days? YAY, looking forward to that one even if it is depressing o_O! Your writing is always so amazing, you have such good characterization for both Krillin and Eighteen, you are one of my biggest inspirations! xoxox.

I did a thing, if anyone’s at all interested.

SHOOT! why do I have to go to work right now? You updated!!  Everyone, give this one a read, you won’t be disappointed! ♥

Dudes and dudettes, I finally updated! YES! *proud*

I have somehow written five hundred relatively short stories concerning the Chestnut family. Clearly, you guys, K/18 are the best because I’ve been able to do that. 

HOOOOOO YES!!! I’m supposed to be finishing my update but I’mma read this new chapter first! EVERYONE, READ this fiction, it is made of 100% pure K18 WIN!


She knew she shouldn’t be doing this. She knew it couldn’t last.

She knew in her heart that if his comrades found him here, they would denounce him, cast him out, brand him a traitor. She knew that her brother would kill him first chance he got as well. It was dangerous for both of them, but…


I re-wrote one of my oldest stories on! And made it a lot better I might add. I would love for you to give it a read.

Yes! I wanna read it!


Posting yet another story I wrote a ways back. And the coolest part was that it got some super awesome art done by an amazing artist. :)

Oh, it’s also kinda sorta set in Trunks’ timeline.

Just here to tell you guys….READ IT! It’s an amazing story!

Also *blushes* You’re way too kind to me xDDD, I have more sketches for you, hmmm maybe I’ll finish another one today or tomorrow ^_^.