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This is too precious!! That little *chu*♥♥♥.

Big thanks to theultradork for sharing this with us!

The Queen of sass…xD


- Krillin vs Android 18, Super Dragon Ball Z (Crafts & Meister)



Love this!!
It’s better in Japanese though..

DBZ Supersonic Warriors: Krillin’s What-If Story
He had to fight against future androids 18 & 17

OMG!!!! CUTE!♥__________________♥


No couple in the world is a better match than us!

….and then they HAD to ruin it with the last dialogue which is not pictured here -_____________-””


First you try to kick him out of the house, and then you remind him that he’s got no girlfriend. And you’re his father figure, Roshi. At least he’s not charging rent.

But here’s the last bit from that game that I could find for Krillin. It’s weird how he sort of mentions that he wants to marry 18 to his master, and even fantasizes about having kids with her, but when she gets coughed up by Cell, he reverts to thinking she’s dating 17 and he has no chance. 

How to be kind of tactless….ROSHI STYLE!


So this is how their daughter got her name?

…I have no idea what timeline this game is actually set in. Is this even happening? In reality and not his head? Krillin, did you have a breakdown under the onslaught of your jerkass friends? 


*points and squeals!* Oh gosh! When I saw that I literally squealed out loud haha! Looks like Seventeen and Krillin get along just fine ey?! i LOVE finding gems like these!♥

d1ddlysquat13: Android 18 saves Krillin (by veku786

Ok, I have to admit…I just LOVE it when people get creative with MOD’s. And look at this gem! It’s awesome! ♥.



Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 - Krillin Story Mode - Android Saga

I love this game. And the intro dialogue these two have if you use them in VS.

Dat innuendo.

OMFG!!! Innuendo indeed…..

C18—>”What would you like for…..’Dinner’?”

Krillin—> “We’ll figure it out….’Later’.” 

Somehow, the way it’s said, I don’t think they’re talking about regular dinner, if ya catch my drift *winks*


Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 - Krillin Story Mode - Android Saga

DBGT-Game Over… by *crazyjen 

Poor Marron, Krillin is unbeatable!

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Android #18 (by WipeoutSnake)

I love how C18 has the Destructo disc and the combo attack.

C18; “You, be ready!”

Krillin; Let’s do it, baby!”

That is wicked.