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One of today’s sketches.

I caved! Cleaning my room and dbz shelf, I added these cuties! They’re fun to toy around with ;p!

Sonny Strait and Sean Schemmel. Goku and Krillin!!! ♥ xDD. This is cute and funny!

Have a quick smooch sketch before work! Later lovelies!♥

Asker Anonymous Asks:
If Krillin had anymore cute little babies, what would you name them? other than one son you have of course? I always thought Peanut or something like that would be good for another daughter.
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

I do have the twin sons, Jirou and Hishi as my official Oc’s yes. LOL aw that is cutely funny though, Peanut.

I think it would be great if it could have meaning again, like a pun. So if they would have another little girl, i might opt for a pun in the nut family yes but most likely i’d go  with a nod to the color blue for Eighteen since her real name, Razuri, is a nod to the bright blue stone Lapis Lazuli (together with her brother)

So maybe Aoi which is Japanese for blue and gender neutral (So could be for another little boy too!). Or if we go with “English dub”, lets keep it French like Marron and call her Azure/Azura which means blue sky.

Oh dang it! Now you make me want to draw a cute little girl with black hair and bright blue round eyes…..

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Did you know that Krillin named Marron after his ex girlfriend Maron? I bet 18 doesn't know about this and if she did, she'd be most likely mad about it.
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

Did you know that this is not true?

Ah the age old misunderstanding that rears its ugly head every once in a while in this fandom…T___________T


Maron is a filler character thought up, and named by the Animation studio, not by Toriyama himself. In other words, she does not exist in the canon DBZ world. Kind of hard to name someone after somebody who does not exist ey? ;)

Marron is named such because it is a pun on the word Chestnut just like Krillin’s Japanese dub name is. Also, for the longest time, Marron didn’t get referred too with her name but rather as ‘Krillin’s daughter” It wasn’t until almost at the very end of the Manga, Toriyama revealed her name. Of course the anime calls her Marron since she came on screen.

Hope that clears it up for ya.

Not sure what is going on but to me it seems like Eighteen is shocked at Marron’s drawing ability’s. The handwriting makes it a bit hard to read/translate correctly T_T.

(I don't think there's an English K18 ship name, though the Japanese one is Kuripachi. -w- )
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:


I’m just gonna go with Krill8 or Krill18 XD I mostly like Krill8 because it sounds like “grill it 8D 

Yup and it sounds so cool, KuriPachi. I always just used K18 for the English one though I know people who simply refer to them as The Chestnuts XDD, i like that too but I prefer to use K18.

Have a very quick HS AU doodle….I’ll let you decide why Eighteen is pulling on Krillin’s shirt and why he looks so smug…

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Okay so, I love this blog and all but I am kind of sad. U see, we have you, a great artist and writer for the awesome K18, there is a user named stoopidoomdoodles who is amazing at the vegbul stuff...but what about goku and Chichi?? Do you know someone who focuses on them primarily? I love all the three of these pairings you see. Keep up the great work with the K18 though, just LOVE browsing this blog♥
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

Aw thanks!! Glad you enjoy the blog and my art and such!

I agree, stupidoomdoodles does some awesome Vegbul, and they are not even a fave of mine! But her art is cute and funny, she also covers K18 a little bit and prolly has some GoChi.

As for primarily GoChi stuff, I wouldn’t know but I do know that betaruga has some awesome art for them, some is NSFW though. I know my buddy jonsei93 LOVES them and has cool art too. Maybe some of my followers can help out with this? Know any blogs that are GoChi centric?

And in the meantime I will keep up with providing you with cute K18!

"He’s My Everything…♥"


Been meaning to post this since forever… ;v; It was so short and sweet.

クリパチバレンタイン (K18 Valentine)
by meshi
translator ★

Yush! my friend Meshi’s art is simply adorable so this translation is awesome to share with you lovelies! Thanks dear shakunetsu for sharing!




U and me both!! ♥ That is awesome!