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"He’s My Everything…♥"


Been meaning to post this since forever… ;v; It was so short and sweet.

クリパチバレンタイン (K18 Valentine)
by meshi
translator ★

Yush! my friend Meshi’s art is simply adorable so this translation is awesome to share with you lovelies! Thanks dear shakunetsu for sharing!




U and me both!! ♥ That is awesome!




Hellooo, same anon back to talk more about trans man Krillin *^* (though I guess it’s more of an AU than an headcanon at this point? headcanons are when you fill untold stuff and I think it’s pretty clear that Krillin is born male in canon so yeah I’m ranting about an AU here whatever)

About Marron, I guess in such a weird world like the DBZ one they might have the technology to just… mix up people’s dnas and impregnate someone haha (only because I like the idea of Krillin taking care of pregnant 18 much more than the idea of Marron being born in a tube or something idk)

I guess adoption is an option as well, just imagine Krillin and 18 visiting orphanages, that’d be so sweet omg with Krillin gushing over every cute child and 18 just looking for a child that is worthy of them °v°

And I’ve been thinking, if 18 had some kind of angst about not being a real human, she might have some bonding moment with Krillin who might angst about not being a real man, how sweet when you find someone who can comfort you and assure that you are indeed what you feel you are and not what those around you think you are

I’m going to hide now /rolls away

((Yeah, now that you mention it, it does fit more into the AU catagory! :). 

I agree on that mixing DNA thing, I mean if Gero can convert two humans into cyborgs then I’m pretty sure such techniques are not far behind. ‘Sides they do have Bulma and Dr Briefs in their friends circle, I’m pretttttty sure they’d be more happy to help out in some way!

But awwww yes, I can see them visiting orphanages and Krillin just getting so emotional and wanting to take every parent-less child home with him because he knows what it’s like to grow up as an “orphan”, he did spend his young life in Orin temple….I really wish Toriyama would open up more about why on that subject. *Keeps fingers crossed the good man will come forth with more info like he’s been doing!* And then Eighteen, while also feeling sad for the kids, being the rational one and firmly but gently making it clear to him that they simply cannot adopt every child they come across.

And ugh you’re killing me with that last part!! I can imagine them just talking into the wee hours of the night, about their insecurities and finding out they are kind of similar in terms of being someone they’re "not supposed" to be….T_____________T Okay no, you cant do this to me!  Now I see scenario’s in my head man, hm might sketch some for this AU some day because it IS very interesting. And also be sure to read replies on the posts, dear. There are more people who love this AU!

Don’t hide!! Feel free to come back any time and share more!))

"Ruined card game!"

"5; Sunset for theultradork


First dates are the best! #doodles #sketch #krillin #android18 #firstdate #romance #love #drawing #dbz #dragonball


Liz bought me colored pencils, so she gets a pic

*screams* YES, this is awesome!!!

Nothing magical about it, he used to shave his head and simply stopped doing it. ^_^

LOOK who showed up in my mailbox!!!! it’s EIGHTEEEEEN!!!!! ♥____♥. Now i got both of them….and yet still debating if i should unbox them or not?!! HELP!

These are alllll MINE!! My OTP is MINE!!  (and soon another pair of these will find their way to the winner of the CI giveaway!)

Eighteen looks so PRETTY though…I wanna unbox them so bad but also not cuz wanna keep ‘em nice and pretty…but then i can’t make stoopid funneh figurine pics….what should I do??


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