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Being creative painting eggs with my nephews!

Asker jonsei93 Asks:
All right! Here's my chance :D Now, how about some genderbent GT Chestnuts, please? (it can be any situation you want.... mostly maybe Krillin's death scene. Sorry ;-;)
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

"11: Please don’t leave me…."

T_________T, you really know how to pick ‘em man, this was so hard to draw….

Asker gohan2z Asks:
Don't know if I'm to late for submitting sketch ideas or not if so I apologize, just thought I'd throw out an idea. I'd like to see your take on the teenage friend trio of Marron, Goten and Trunks.
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

"10: Teenaged Mischief."

In which Marron is the cautious but curious one, Trunks likes to test out new inventions without permission and Goten loves to egg him on…..nothing good will come out of this.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Little boy marron for the free sketch thing please?
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

"9: Marlon."

Tweaked his design juuuuuust a little bit! Decided to go for Blue eyed boy!Marron from now on ^_^

Asker krazyokami Asks:
Heyo~ Love to see a sketch of 17 reaction of 18 being a mother
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

8; The ‘thing’ XD.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
For the sketches, Chestnutfamily selfie! ♥
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

7: Smile! You’re on Camera!

though Marron is severely distracted by her mommy’s pretty bracelet!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You know how in scary movies or in general kids have imginary friends which sometimes turn out to be spirits? Can I have a sketch of Marron feaking Krillin out with the description of her 'imaginary friend'?
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

"6: Imaginary Friend?"

Asker Anonymous Asks:
think you can genderbend krillin and 18s sons? id love to see it :)
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:


"5: Twin girls?!"

Anon is talking about my K18 OC’s Jirou and Hishi. Here is a small sketch of them in their teens.  Click me!

This was a challenge but it was a FUN challenge!

Asker theultradork Asks:
For the sketch thing: Krillin and 18 in the hospital with brand new baby Marron. :P
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

"4: Our little Miracle…."

Asker patriotfaust Asks:
Draw 18 as elle driver in the nurse disguise from kill bill
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:


"3: Watch out for that needle…"

Could you draw a picture of Krillin comforting Eighteen when she is crying? I know her crying is rare but it would be so cute!
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

"2: It’s okay…."

Asker crocheticon Asks:
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Nap time! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

"1: Best pillow EVER!"

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Random ask! Can you show us some of your traditional sketches? I'm curious now oh and sorry you cant use your tablet with your laptop, I'll cross my fingers the adapter you need will be there soon!
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:


Uhm….alright. LOL one of Krillin I doodled and colored with my Prisma/Copic markers just for funz. Traditional is kinda hard because erasing mistakes is difficult….

Had to take a pic with my camera since my scanner is not connected to this laptop.

NEW MERCH!! ♥____♥ (Please do not  mind the date on these, my camera had been formatted and I didn’t set it yet XDD)

The top one is one I’ve had for a few weeks already (I also gave one of those away in that giveaway I had!). The other two came in today!

BOG Krillin is such a cutie! I can’t wait to get the Eighteen and Marron figurine in as well.

The second row of pictures….that figurine is HUGE but so AWESOME!!

I need to start to even out my Krillin merch with some badass Eighteen/K18 merch now!!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Thank you for answering! I downloaded the open canvas program. Uhm can you maybe show me how you color, im not gunna copy it or anything! just...a few pointers? So i can learn from it.
chestnutisland chestnutisland Said:

Yes, I can! Don’t worry, I’m not worried about you duplicating or anything, when it comes to drawing and coloring, everyone has their own style! I was working on the latest free sketch when I received your question so I capped my progress.

Firstly, MESSY sketching is FUN!

Second, sketchy inking, the way I LIKE it best ^_^

Then we get to the fun part, messy colors!

Cleaned up the colors so you can see what I mean!

Keep coloring on the different layers, use as many layers as you want! I usually have those three basic layers for sketches like this one ^_^. It is important to use separate layers so it is easier to erase anything you don’t want! And then, you’re finished!

Hope U can read my crappy 3 AM handwriting!♥