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Posts tagged "mine"

I caved! Cleaning my room and dbz shelf, I added these cuties! They’re fun to toy around with ;p!

"Eating Pocky with Uncle Seventeen.."

Have a quick smooch sketch before work! Later lovelies!♥

Have a very quick HS AU doodle….I’ll let you decide why Eighteen is pulling on Krillin’s shirt and why he looks so smug…

"6: Bubbles!" For heart-the-redribbon

Last one! I tried to make one sketch but that didn’t work so you get two separate ones. I am not familiar drawing merpeople/mermaids so anatomy is prolly super off, my bad!

This palette challenge was fun, i might do another one soon!

"He’s My Everything…♥"


"Ruined card game!"

"5; Sunset for theultradork

"Windy Day…"


Yeah so this STARTED OUT as a warm up….and then inking and coloring happened…XD. **Fullview for best result!**

Because THIS HEADCANON by chillinlikekrillin was too cute and wouldn’t leave me alone untill I doodled something for it. So quick drawing of Marron being adorable!

Some of todays warm-ups.

"4; Don’t touch what WILL be Mine…" for superdupergrouper