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"30; Selfie."

You guys remember this little sketch I did in the car? 

Decided to use it for Day 6 of Inktober. ^_^

29; Wink.

"28; Dog."

"27; Monochrome."

"26; Heroes."

"25; Shirt Swap!"


Figured we could start this day of with some smooches! This is a queued post. Keep an eye out for more goodies specially for today!

Also, fill that submit box if you want/can! I would love to get some K18 stuff from you lovely followers to celebrate this day in STYLE! It can be anything! Drawings, fiction, graphics and whatever else as long as it is for K18 day ^_^. Anonymous submissions are allowed!

Two of today’s warm ups.

"23; Sexy to destinydueler

Drawing in the car to pass the time:)

"21; Reunited to theultradork.”